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 MemberShip Form and Conditions.

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MemberShip Form and Conditions. Empty
PostSubject: MemberShip Form and Conditions.   MemberShip Form and Conditions. EmptySat Oct 06, 2012 8:11 pm

Application Requirements

If you apply for the membership of the INT-Clan, then you have to consider the following requirements and conditions:

1. You have read and accepted the INT-Clan Rules
2. You have read and agreed with the INT-Clan Spirit
3. You have read and accepted the World War III Server Rules
3. You have the permission of at least one of the two leaders OR a recommendation by an official INT-Member
4. You have to answer ALL questions of the Membership Application
5. If you are banned from the INT-Clan, then you will never get another chance to rejoin the INT-Clan
6. You need to have good English skills
7. You have to be active on the World War III Server

Application Form:

Quote :

Basic Information:

Ingame Name:
Real Life Name:
Date Of Birth:
Current Ingame Score:
Current Ingame kills:
Current Ingame deaths:
Since when have you been playing on World War III SA-MP Server:


Q: Who recommended you to apply for INT Clan?

Q: Have you ever been a member of any Official clan of World War III Server?

Q: Will you ever Leave INT to join other gangs of World War III Server?

Q: Will you be Loyal to INT Clan and Its members?

Q: What weapons Do you commonly use to fight other players on foot?

Q: Why do you want to join INT Clan?

Q: What do you think are the best advantages of the membership of the INT-Clan?

Q: How many territories are there in World War III Server?

Q: Have you answered all the Questions in the application form?

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MemberShip Form and Conditions.
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