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 The Spirit of INT-Clan

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PostSubject: The Spirit of INT-Clan   The Spirit of INT-Clan EmptyMon Oct 08, 2012 7:12 pm

INT - Intimidators

We are a clan on a hosted GTA SA:MP-Server
World War III Server - IP:

Characteristics of the INT-Clan:

- Being a strong clan with a great sense of friendship
- Fighting together against enemies from other teams
- Protecting the team spirit and the solidarity of the clan with his (ingame-)life
- Helping each other if someone has problems (if reallife or ingame)
- Selective chosen members
- First scripted clan for the World War III Server

Meaning of INT:

- Equality and unbreakable solidarity / unity among the members
- The unity leads to an immense power of the whole clan; enemies will be frightened of us
- The members are chosen inter alia by reason of matching personality

Nature of the INT-Clan:

All members of [INT] are selectively chosen by the leaders. Accepted members have a special personality which is mentioned in the points above. Our gang is not like a military organization or like rebels - [INT] is a horde of wild guys with no mercy or compassion for their enemies but with a great sense of friendship among the members! All [INT] members are able to intimidate their enemies, to show the power of guerilla units, to show the power of paramilitary barbarism.

INT-Clan basically supports China. The base of [INT] is far away from the war zone anywhere in the South Seas where no morality and ethics exist. INT members can play in other teams if there are no other INT members online or if he/she had obtained permission from a Higher Ranking Member. INT members can participate/play with other gang/team members as long as it is not against the members of INT. INT Members are given ranks only based on their in game Behavior, Maturity & activeness. Ranks do NOT depend on their fighting skills/Score. There aren't many rules about the handling of weapons; the only rule is to follow your leader's orders. Using RPG / uzis / hunters, hydras & rhinos isn't abusing as long as you use your brain; the only aim is to defeat the enemy and if he isn't able to defend himself against all kinds of attacks he is damned to cease to exist!

Applications will be only accepted if you are active and if you have been playing on the server for a long time. You have to be loyal to the clan and you will be kicked immediately if we hear about disloyal behaviour or if you get inactive without mentioning it here in the forum! You are allowed to use RPGs and, hunters, hydras & rhinos as well BUT we don't take noobs who can only fight with those kind of weapons / vehicles. You have to use your brain when it's necessary to use "noobish" weapons (it's noobish to attack an enemy with HS or rocketlauncher when he's near you!).

Ranks of the INT-Clan:

Experienced Intimidators:
Novice Intimidators:

1) Ranks only depend on your Maturity, Activity, Behavior and The way you fight.
2) Novice Intimidators must respect the words of higher ranking Intimidators.
3) INT is a democratic clan, Leader only coordinates the opinions of all other Intimidators.

Long live piracy and barbarism!

The Spirit of INT-Clan 8xkx


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[INT]NightHawk, [WW3]Slayer[INT]
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The Spirit of INT-Clan
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